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Features Of The Traffic Rider Apk Mod

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If you are a heavy bike lover and you have dream to drive a heavy bike but you can’t drive on the busier city road, then you are on the right spot.  traffic rider is such a game that gives you a feel to drive a heavy bike. SONER KARA is the publisher of the traffic rider. Driving of heavy bikes on busy roads have many drawbacks like, they have high speed which cause serious accident. If you cannot drive your bike on real life road than you can shift it to gaming world and for this purpose  traffic rider is the best game. In this game you can drive almost 29 heavy bikes in different weathers at different locations, without traffic or with traffic. You can show your biking skills on the traffic rider game. This game contains different missions.

About The traffic Rider Game

TRAFFIC RIDER is best game for  them who love will give you a chance to show your biking skills.In this you can drive almost 29 bikes in different weathers at different locations. There is a career mode in which you have to do different missions. if you get success you will be rewarded  with more money. you can shift to time trail to make your ride more challenging, in which you have to reach the destination on the given time. you can also shift to other modes in traffic rider  like free ride and endless this you have to look after that you don’t collide with other vehicles.

Features of Traffic Rider

Different Bikes

In traffic rider game there are almost 29 different heavy bikes .You can ride any of these bikes to make your ride more alluring .All  these bikes have special competence .You can use different bikes to complete different missions in behalf of there different capabilities.


  There is a horn button on game play screen in traffic rider .if you will press the horn button the vehicle in front of you will be informed that it is annoying you and it will be moved away from your path.

 Location and Weather

   In traffic rider game you can enjoy your ride in different environment. it will provide you almost 4 different locations with different weather. You can enjoy your ride in the daylight or in the evening and in the night .you can also shift to the two way traffic in which the traffic come from both sides which make your ride more challenging..

 Different modes

   There are different modes in this game. If you are playing this game for first time so you can go for the free ride mod .you can also go for the endless mode, there will  be no time limit in this also contain time trail mod in which you have to reach your destination on time.


  in the career mode of the game you will have two different maps which contain different missions with different money prize. for example it has mission reach the finish line in time and overtake 8 cars in 30 seconds. if you will get success in the mission you will be rewarded.

First person view

  This game will give you the first person view which will increase your focus on your ride and make your game play more beautiful and interesting . Due to the first person view you will ride your bike more carefully. you can easily overtake vehicles in front of you and you can drive your bike faster.

About The Traffic Rider APK Mode

In the mod (hacked) version of the traffic rider game you will have unlimited money .you will have access to all bikes which are locked in real game .you will have access to all the modes .You can ride on all locations because all the locations are unlocked. You can ride in any weather.

Additional Features Of Traffic Rider Mod APK

 Unlimited money

In the mode version you will have unlimited money,So you can enjoy all bikes ride and you can drive your bike in any weather Because you have unlimited money and coins.

 Unlocked BIKES

In the mod version all the 29 bikes are unlocked you can drive any of these bikes. All the Bikes have different Features. All these bikes have different sounds. Different sounds of these bikes make the game play more attractive. All the bikes have their own qualities and features.

Unlocked modes

In this mod version you can ride your bike in any mode because all the modes are unlocked. You can drive your bike in free ride mode. You can also drive on a
endless track. You can drive your bike in a time trial mode, In which you have to reach at the destination on time otherwise you will be knockout.

HD Graphics

This game has wonderful graphics.You would have different colour 29 bikes. Wonderful locations and different weathers make the game play more attractive. Graphics are the main thing due to which users love game.

How to Install Traffic Rider Game

  • First make sure you have an internet connection.
  • Go to settings and enable installation from the unknown resources.
  • Download the file from the link given above.
  • After downloading file click on the file.
  • After clicking the file, Click on the install option.
  • After installation enjoy the game.

Pros and Cons



  • Amaze graphics
  • Unlimited coins
  • Realistic effects
  • Interesting musical background
  • All bikes are unlocked
  • All missions are unlocked
  • Free to play
  • straggle on original game play
  • The initial excitement finished quickly
  • At higher levels, this game becomes very difficult
  • Only few chances to earn gold

 It contains almost 29 different bikes.

You can control your motorbike with three options given in settings.

yes, you can customise your bike by clicking on garage option you will have option of customisation.